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Be ready for what’s next in technology with BerkCom

Bring It

Next-Generation Solutions for the Data Center, Edge, and Beyond

Get ready for what’s next in technology with best-of-breed data management solutions, expert professional services, and concierge-level technical support from BerkCom.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, you need a partner with expertise in technology modernization that provides cutting-edge solutions to carry your enterprise into your data-driven future, and beyond.

Be Ready for Nonstop Business

You can’t let a technology outage impact your ability to do business. You need a reliable source of complete replacement systems and spare parts in a distribution center near you. With BerkCom, you have fast access to the components you need, right when you need them most.

We Fit You

Have a non-traditional data center? Are you collecting data at the edge? Are you in the midst of a digital transformation? Wherever you are, whatever your goals, BerkCom has the storage, computing, networking and software solutions you need, and we’ll help you create efficiencies to cut IT costs.

Cost-Effective IT is a Must-Have

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