Enterprise Computing Solutions

We understand that not all computing requirements are the same, and neither are all server architectures. That’s why BerkCom customizes enterprise computing solutions to provide the best architecture for your business. We evaluate workloads, applications and performance requirements, and take into account any standardizations your organization may have adopted.

BerkCom also specializes in custom, high-performance computing (HPC) solutions for a variety of scientific research, engineering, education, government and military applications. We work alongside you to understand your business objectives, and then architect your solution using the industry’s best components. Our teams then integrate your infrastructure in our test and integration labs and run full solutions validation prior to installation so that you know your solution will meet your needs.

Enterprise Networking

Networking is a critical component of a successful next-generation data center. Routing and switching create the backbone of wired and wireless networks. You can rely on BerkCom’s team of networking experts to assess your existing network, analyze your current and future needs and then design and deliver highly-available, redundant networking solutions using industry-leading products. Your solution will fit your organization’s requirements and prepare you for an innovative and productive future while adhering to your budget.

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