Telecommunications (Telecom)

The world is increasingly connected through mobile phones and smart devices, and the telecommunications (telecom) industry is experiencing rapid data growth through digital transformation in response. As a leader in telecom, you must stay ahead of customer demands with advanced data management solutions to maintain a competitive edge in this data-driven landscape.

In order to meet customer demands, next-generation IT strategies for telecom need to place security and scalability at the top of the requirements list. BerkCom can equip you with agile, secure data management solutions and services, allowing you to stay focused on your customer satisfaction and retention.

Purpose-Built Solutions for Telecom

Whether you are deploying in the data center, at a central office, cell site or other edge locations, your BerkCom solutions are designed to meet your industry requirements. BerkCom partners closely with Vector Data to deliver telco-specific solutions including: DC-powered systems, telco certified systems (NEBS Level 3 Certified, ETSI, KCC, VCCI and more), and other custom and rugged systems.

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