State and Local Government

As a leader in a state or local government organization, you need cost-effective IT solutions that fit your strict budgetary requirements. However, you don’t want to sacrifice the performance, agility and security that modern data center solutions offer. With a long-standing history of providing data center solutions for several state and local government agencies, our expert engineering team understands the challenges and regulations that you face. You can leverage our experience to architect, implement and support public sector infrastructures to ensure the best solutions for your budget.

Your next-generation solutions will be built on industry-leading technology that promises smart, scalable, and secure IT.

With the help of BerkCom, your state or local agency can leverage:

Hybrid cloud strategies for affordable and secure scale-on-demand data management

Disaster recovery plans that protect your valuable data

Fully connected, body-cam and in-vehicle video surveillance solutions

Enhanced IT services, delivered to your communities through connected technology

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