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Traditional computing and data management solutions don’t hold up to the harsh conditions that you experience in the field, yet IT requirements have moved to the edge and beyond. BerkCom has solutions that will help you modernize your field locations with ruggedized hardware that can handle the heat (or cold). We can help you design and deploy solutions in both traditional and non-traditional data center environments to help you expand your operations and increase profits.

BerkCom works closely with leading technology OEMs to offer fully-integrated, custom and ruggedized technology solutions for your mobile field environments. These solutions:

Withstand High and Low Temperatures

Resist Vibration and Shock

Protect Against Dust and Particle Contamination

Adhere to Specific Electrical Requirements Including DC

Whether you require ruggedized laptops and devices or fully mobile data centers, you can customize a solution to meet your specific requirements with BerkCom.

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