Media and Entertainment

Film, broadcast and cable providers, interactive gaming, advertising, print and publishing, and internet and mobile media companies are all experiencing an explosive amount of data growth. As a leader in a media and entertainment organization, you need an expertly architected, next-generation data center solution to move you from an inefficient, siloed environment to become operationally efficient and agile enough to handle continued growth.

BerkCom understands the unique needs of the media and entertainment industry, and we design custom solutions to meet your demands from pre-production to content delivery. With high-performance computing (HPC), high bandwidth networking and industry-leading DevOps strategies, your organization can cut the time and resources it takes to accomplish tasks such as digital animation, effects rendering, video processing, and visual effects. You can also modernize your media delivery with private and hybrid cloud solutions, and keep production rolling with non-disruptive, scale-out solutions that avoid costly maintenance windows and scheduled downtime.

Modern recording studios have gone digital, and you need to be able to take high-performance data management solutions with you, no matter where you find yourself. BerkCom partners with ruggedized solutions expert Vector Data to provide external storage devices and computing solutions that withstand shocks, drops, vibrations and harsh environmental conditions. With beyond-the-edge data management solutions from BerkCom, you can safely and securely store and manage your recorded video, audio and image data in the field, while providing on-the-go, seamless access to your centralized data management system.

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