As a leader in the manufacturing industry, you face strict competition that requires you to bring products to market quickly and cost effectively. BerkCom partners with leading technology OEMs to provide advanced data center solutions and data management products that allow you to increase productivity while lowering operational costs.

The need for connected factories and facilities requires a secure, global IT infrastructure. BerkCom designs IoT and next-generation data center solutions that allow you to share data across all your global locations. We also help you remove single points of failure from your environment to ensure maximum uptime and profitability for your business.

Next-Generation Solutions from the Office to the Manufacturing Floor

Whether you require mobile solutions, a virtualization strategy, or a turnkey hyper converged (HCI) solution, our team of technology experts will help you design the custom IT infrastructure that addresses your unique challenges. You can also leverage our value-added ruggedized engineering solutions that can withstand extreme environmental conditions, allowing for data storage and networking to be deployed outside of the data center and directly on the plant floor.

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