Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Biotechnology, bioresearch and pharmaceutical companies produce massive amounts of scientific data and have rapidly changing requirements for their data storage, management and protection environments. As the need for big data management and powerful processing increases, organizations like yours are looking for next-generation data center solutions, including high-performance computing (HPC), cloud storage, object storage and more.

Whether you are managing structured or unstructured data, BerkCom can architect a solution that simplifies IT operations, boosts productivity with improved collaboration across your network, and provides scalability across your global infrastructures. And, your scalable IT infrastructures give your scientists the environment needed to conduct critical research, even as your datasets continue to grow.

Protect Your Valuable Data

The data you produce is both unique and valuable, and is also subject to scrutiny under many regulatory standards. We work closely with you to ensure that your cost-effective solution provides industry-leading data protection tools and strategies while adhering to compliance with government regulations.

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